How much does a Office Coordinator make in Brussels ?

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The base salary for a Office Coordinator in Brussels is 57,600 €
Also known as: Office manager, Office administrator, Administrative coordinator.

Responsibilities: •Greet and assist visitors, clients, and employees •Manage office supplies and equipment inventory •Coordinate meetings and appointments •Handle incoming and outgoing correspondence •Assist with basic administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, and organizing documents •Provide general support to the office manager and staff Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Strong organizational and time management skills •Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities •Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook) •Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively •Attention to detail and accuracy in completing assignments Preferred skills: •Previous experience in a similar role •Knowledge of basic office equipment and procedures •Familiarity with office management software or tools •Ability to work independently and as part of a team •Basic understanding of customer service principles',