How much does a Netops Engineer make in Cyprus ?

45,400 €

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The base salary for a Netops Engineer in Cyprus is 45,400 €

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Related tasks:

  • Support all application infrastructure to ensure our PaaS/IaaS platform is optimized for performance and reliability.
  • Socialize designs with team and integrate suggestions and changes as appropriate.
  • Implement networking changes in a timely fashion and with high quality, consistent with standards for the group using automation and Infrastructure as Code where possible.
  • Review other NetOps and DevOps work as necessary.
  • Provide documentation as appropriate including design documentation, comments in code as required and end-user documentation.
  • Consult with other technical team members and management on industry best practices.
  • Discuss and agree on the most innovative solutions applicable to our cloud services environment.
  • Maintain and enhance internal tools.
  • Provide input to improve scalability and reliability of infrastructure to our cloud services environment.
  • Deploy and assist with maintenance of networking technologies.
Requirements / skills:
  • Networking.
  • Experience configuring, deploying and maintaining switches and routers from various vendors.
  • Experience configuring, deploying and maintaining load balancers from various vendors.
  • Experience monitoring network parameters and uptime.
  • Ability to think in a Cloud Services manner.
  • Experience configuring networking changes using Infrastructure as Code an asset.
  • Understanding of operational concepts like change management, on call rotations, escalations, uptime, etc…
  • Experience in managing production networks on a large scale.
  • Understanding of the major OS families (Linux and Windows)