How much does a Mobile Developer make in Buenos Aires ?

669,900 $

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The base salary for a Mobile Developer in Buenos Aires is 669,900 $

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Related tasks:

  • To come out with concept and design for mobile apps.
  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing mobile apps.
  • Plan, schedule, execute projects, and given tasks within time frame.
  • Work with customers and coordinating with other teams to gather specifications and requirements.
  • Requirement analysis, design, development, documentation, UI testing, and integration of software solutions are required.
  • Perform debugging, testing, code improvement, and redesigning of tasks.
  • Write quality, clean, maintainable, and performance-driven codes.
Requirements / skills:
  • Willing to explore solutions to a problem and curiosity to try a new challenge.
  • Have a good communication, creative and self motivated.
  • Able to use version control such as git/gitlab to work on projects.
  • Experience in designing and devoloping high quality mobile application.
  • Keeping up with developments around UI/UX.