How much does a Medical Science Liaison make in Lille ?

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The base salary for a Medical Science Liaison in Lille is 64,300 €

Responsibilities: - Provide scientific and medical support to healthcare professionals - Develop and maintain relationships with key opinion leaders in the medical field - Identify and develop potential research projects - Prepare and deliver presentations on medical products and services - Collaborate with other medical professionals to develop educational materials - Monitor and evaluate the safety and efficacy of medical products - Provide feedback to the company on new products and services Requirements: - Bachelor's degree in a relevant medical field - Strong understanding of medical science and research - Ability to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals - Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills - Ability to work independently and as part of a team Preferred Skills: - Experience in a medical field - Knowledge of medical regulations and guidelines - Ability to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions - Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously - Excellent problem-solving skills