How much does a Mechanical Design Engineer make in Lille ?

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The base salary for a Mechanical Design Engineer in Lille is 57,200 €
Also known as: Machine design engineer, CAD Engineer, Computer-Aided Design Engineer.

Responsibilities: •Collaborate with senior engineers to develop mechanical designs and concepts for new products •Create 3D models and detailed drawings using CAD software •Perform calculations and simulations to ensure designs meet performance and safety standards •Assist in prototype testing and analysis •Contribute to design reviews and provide input on potential improvements Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or related field •Strong understanding of mechanical principles and engineering fundamentals •Proficiency in CAD software for 3D modeling and drafting •Ability to work in a team environment and communicate effectively •Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills Preferred skills: •Experience with product development processes and design for manufacturing •Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes •Familiarity with industry standards and regulations •Understanding of mechanical testing and analysis techniques •Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload,