How much does a Mechanic make in Montpellier ?

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The base salary for a Mechanic in Montpellier is 42,800 €

Responsibilities: • Perform routine automotive maintenance tasks, including oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, air conditioner re-charges, front-end alignments, battery installations and headlight/taillight installations. • Maintain a working knowledge of current industry best practices in automotive repair. • Conduct extensive diagnostic procedures to determine the sources of customers' problems and provide accurate repair recommendations. • Inspect vehicles according to the state’s requirements for emissions and safety. • Conduct necessary repairs and take vehicles for test drives to verify soundness. • Maintain legible and accurate paperwork for both the customer and for our records. • Clean and maintain the work environment to ensure equipment longevity and workplace safety. Requirements: • High school diploma or equivalent qualification. • A minimum of 1 year of vehicle repair experience with a good knowledge of automobile parts and their functionalities. • Valid driver's license. • ASE certification preferred. • Ability to communicate vehicle issues in layman’s terms. • Ability to work on a team and independently. • Must have own tools. Preferred Skills: • Strong problem-solving ability with attention to detail. • Excellent customer service skills. • Good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. • Up-to-date knowledge of different vehicles and their service needs. • Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple tasks. • Good physical condition to lift heavy equipment and parts. • Basic computer diagnostic skills. • Strong knowledge of electrical systems, brake and hydraulic systems, and exhaust and cooling systems.,