How much does a Marketing Manager make in Granada ?

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The base salary for a Marketing Manager in Granada is 71,000 €
Also known as: Marketing Head.

Responsibilities: -Developing and executing marketing strategies to achieve business objectives -Creating and managing promotional materials such as brochures, ads, and other materials -Managing the budget for marketing activities -Organizing and attending marketing events -Conducting market research and analyzing data -Monitoring industry trends and staying up-to-date with competitors -Developing and managing relationships with media outlets Requirements: -Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, or related field -At least two years of experience in marketing or related field -Excellent communication and interpersonal skills -Strong analytical and problem-solving skills -Ability to work independently and in a team setting -Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite Preferred Skills: -Experience with social media marketing -Knowledge of digital marketing tactics -Experience with content management systems -Knowledge of SEO/SEM -Ability to develop creative and effective marketing campaigns