How much does a Machine Operator make in Sydney ?

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The base salary for a Machine Operator in Sydney is 42,800 $
Also known as: Plant operator, Production operator, Industrial operator, Machine technician, Machine handler, Machine specialist.

Responsibilities: •Operating and maintaining machinery in accordance with safety regulations and company policies •Monitoring machine performance and making adjustments as needed to ensure quality and efficiency •Performing routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment •Inspecting finished products to ensure they meet quality standards •Reporting any issues or malfunctions to the appropriate supervisor Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Basic understanding of mechanical operations and principles •Ability to follow instructions and work independently •Good physical stamina and strength to handle repetitive tasks and heavy machinery •Willingness to learn and adhere to safety protocols Preferred skills: •Previous experience in a manufacturing or production environment •Familiarity with using hand tools and measuring instruments •Strong attention to detail and quality control •Effective communication and teamwork skills •Flexibility to work different shifts as needed',