How much does a Library Page make in Bulgaria ?

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The base salary for a Library Page in Bulgaria is 14,900 лв
Also known as: Book Shelver, Library Assistant, Circulation Assistant, Library Services Assistant.

Responsibilities: • Assisting library patrons with general inquiries and directing them to appropriate resources or staff. • Shelving books, magazines, and other materials according to the library's classification system. • Maintaining the overall organization and cleanliness of the library, including rearranging furniture and cleaning surfaces as necessary. • Assisting with inventory management, including checking in and out materials, and processing new materials for circulation. • Supporting library events and programs, such as book clubs, reading programs, and educational workshops. • Performing other duties as assigned by library staff, such as photocopying and faxing documents. Requirements: • High school diploma or equivalent. • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including evenings and weekends. • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail. • Ability to lift and move items weighing up to 50 pounds. • Ability to stand, walk, and bend for extended periods. • Basic knowledge of library operations and procedures. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. Preferred Skills: • Previous experience in a library or similar setting. • Excellent customer service skills, with the ability to interact professionally with patrons of all ages. • Strong verbal and written communication skills. • Familiarity with the Dewey Decimal System or other library classification systems. • Basic computer literacy, including the ability to use library databases and other digital resources. • A love of books and reading, and a commitment to promoting literacy and learning in the community