How much does a Interior Designer make in Tampere ?

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The base salary for a Interior Designer in Tampere is 45,400 €
Also known as: Space Planner, Home Decor Designer, Residential Design Consultant, Commercial Interior Designer.

Responsibilities: • Assist in the creation and execution of interior design plans as per client requirements. • Conduct research to identify interior design trends and ideas. • Collaborate with senior designers to develop design concepts. • Help in the selection of furniture, materials, decor, finishes, and lighting. • Create mood boards to sample your design vision. • Utilize design software to create models and visuals. • Assist in the preparation of proposals and presentations for clients. • Coordinate with vendors, contractors, and other professionals to execute the design. • Ensure all designs align with budget and timeline constraints. • Maintain client, vendor, and project files. Requirements: • Bachelor's degree in Interior Design or related field. • Portfolio showcasing creative design skills. • Basic knowledge of design software like AutoCAD, SketchUp, or similar. • Understanding of furniture design and spatial layout. • Excellent communication and presentation skills. • Strong organizational and project management abilities. • Ability to work in a team and collaborate effectively. • Familiarity with industry safety standards and regulations. Preferred Skills: • Creativity and a strong eye for design and detail. • Proficiency in color matching and aesthetic coordination. • Exceptional problem-solving skills. • Ability to handle criticism and feedback constructively. • Excellent time management skills, with an ability to juggle multiple projects at once. • Proficiency in reading blueprints and technical diagrams. • Adept at creating and presenting design concepts in a compelling manner. • Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with clients, vendors, and team members. • A proactive approach to learning and staying updated with the latest design trends.,