How much does a Inbound Sales make in Armenia ?

2,247,300 Դ

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The base salary for a Inbound Sales in Armenia is 2,247,300 Դ

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Related tasks:

  • Manage high volume of phone calls and provide response to all maintaining high quality of services and performance standards.
  • Facilitate sales of all services according to company and client requirement.
  • Coordinate with customers and avoid any discontinuation from his or her end.
  • Assist customers with all knowledge on products and services and perform required repairs and prepare bills for same.
  • Administer all customer complaints and ensure timely resolution within required guidelines.
  • Supervise all unresolved compliant for sales.
  • Perform troubleshoot on all customer service issues and schedule all field service calls as required.
  • Manage and process and correspondence with customers.
  • Schedule all customer appointments according to procedures and documents all customer transactions and prepare required paperwork.
  • Prepare all new contracts and handle all incoming calls for same.
  • Analyze all client requirements and assist to prepare all service contracts and facilitate sales for same.
  • Perform all follow up for all outbound calls.
  • Supervise all on line chat sales calls for clients.
  • Ensure optimal level of client satisfaction at all times.
Requirements / skills:
  • Be an expert in offered product, use cases and markets.
  • Be efficient under target workload.
  • Business, marketing or communication knowledge.
  • Communication skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Persuasive selling.
  • Customer service.