How much does a Inbound Sales Representative make in Sarajevo ?

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The base salary for a Inbound Sales Representative in Sarajevo is 14,900 КМ
Also known as: Inbound sales associate, Inbound sales agent, Inbound sales consultant, Inbound sales specialist.

Responsibilities: •Engage with potential customers via inbound calls, emails, and online chats to understand their needs and provide appropriate product or service solutions •Build and maintain strong customer relationships to drive sales and promote customer satisfaction •Collaborate with the sales team to meet and exceed sales targets •Keep accurate records of customer interactions and sales activities Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent; a college degree is preferred •Proven experience in sales, customer service, or a related field is an advantage •Strong communication and interpersonal skills •Ability to multitask and prioritize in a fast-paced environment •Proficiency in using CRM software and other sales tools Preferred Skills: •Ability to actively listen and understand customer needs •Strong negotiation and persuasion skills •Familiarity with sales techniques and strategies •Knowledge of the products or services being offered •Ability to adapt to different communication styles and customer personalities',