How much does a Immigration Paralegal make in Paris ?

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The base salary for a Immigration Paralegal in Paris is 35,100 €
Also known as: Immigration law technician, Immigration law specialist.

Responsibilities: •Assisting with the preparation and filing of immigration petitions and applications •Conducting research on immigration laws, regulations, and procedures •Communicating with clients, government agencies, and other stakeholders •Maintaining accurate and up-to-date case files and records •Providing administrative support to attorneys and legal staff Requirements: •Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent work experience •Strong organizational and time management skills •Excellent written and verbal communication abilities •Familiarity with immigration forms, processes, and terminology •Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment Preferred skills: •Prior experience working in a law firm or legal environment •Proficiency in a second language, especially Spanish or Mandarin •Knowledge of immigration case management software •Understanding of different visa categories and immigration pathways •Certification as a paralegal or legal assistant,