How much does a Director Of Product make in Australia ?

241,000 $

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The base salary for a Director Of Product in Australia is 241,000 $

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  • Proactively manage and support a complex AWS environment
  • Lead technology projects and drive continuous improvements
  • Provide technical guidance for system administration activities and drive issues to resolution
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and make improvements upon systems and infrastructure at all levels within a LAN/WAN/Cloud environment
  • Serve as a technical resource to other members of the Operations team and beyond
  • Maintain open communication across Operations, Development, QA, and other cross-functional teams
  • Monitor and troubleshoot systems and infrastructure at all levels within a LAN/WAN/Cloud environment
  • Implement, test, maintain and continuously improve upon corporate disaster recovery solutions
  • Use industry standards for performance and load testing of all infrastructure components
  • In-depth knowledge of all things Microsoft and AWS administration
Requirements / skills:
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong client/business focus and genuine desire to assist
  • Ability to work both independently and within a collaborative team environment
  • Proven ability to engage with both individual contributors and leaders of all levels in constructive and collaborative relationships.
  • Demonstrate servant-based leadership and knowledge of leading by context rather than control.
  • Responsible for assisting with quarterly planning and assigning objectives (problems to solve) to product teams.