How much does a Head Of Security Compliance make in Toulouse ?

48,800 €

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The base salary for a Head Of Security Compliance in Toulouse is 48,800 €

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Related tasks:

  • Lead, motivate and develop IT Security Compliance team.
  • Coordinate compliance requirements and activities for Section.
  • Develop and execute interactive KPI dashboard and reports for Management Team.
  • Actively participate in agile IT projects.
  • Provide support to internal and external customers.
  • Identify area of improvements and propose enhancements to existing environments.
  • Maintain logical access in line with established policies and instructions.
  • Maintain a high level of procedural documentation in line with international standards of Quality Management.
Requirements / skills:
  • Strong leadership, communication, and analytical skills, including the ability to present complex topics in a comprehensive way.
  • Creative thinking and analytical problem-solving skills with ability to work under time pressure.
  • Dedicated, self-motivated achiever who is committed to success.
  • Attention to details and service-oriented attitude.