How much does a Head Of Marketing make in South Melbourne ?

318,800 $

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The base salary for a Head Of Marketing in South Melbourne is 318,800 $

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Annual salary Based on 65 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Craft strategies for all Marketing teams
  • Prepare and manage monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the Marketing department
  • Set, monitor and report on team goals
  • Design branding, positioning and pricing strategies
  • Ensure the brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages and promotional material)
  • Analyze consumer behavior and determine customer personas
  • Identify opportunities to reach new market segments and expand market share
  • Craft quarterly and annual hiring plans
  • Monitor competition (acquisitions, pricing changes and new products and features)
  • Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to boost brand awareness
  • Participate in the quarterly and annual planning of company objectives
Requirements / skills:
  • Knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO), lead generation and affiliate marketing practices, techniques, and outcome expectations.
  • Team-leading skills.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • The ability to develop strong relationships with cross departmental team members to enable collaboration, advice sharing, and directional leadership where required.
  • Excellent understanding of regulations, professional standards, policies, procedures, and legislation.
  • The ability to use some software packages competently.