How much does a Head Of Legal make in Lille ?

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The base salary for a Head Of Legal in Lille is 169,500 €
Also known as: Legal Head.

Responsibilities: • Oversee all legal matters within the organization, including corporate governance, intellectual property, privacy, employment law, and compliance issues. • Develop and implement legal strategies to protect the company\'s interests. • Manage relationships with external legal counsel and ensure all legal services are delivered effectively and efficiently. • Provide legal advice and guidance on all kinds of legal matters. • Ensure proper legal consultations are provided to departments in need. • Prepare legal contracts, agreements, and other legal documents for the organization. • Keep abreast of legislative changes that may affect the company and its affiliates. • Perform pre-litigation work to minimize risks and maximize legal rights. • Review advertising and marketing materials to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Requirements: • A Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school. • A license to practice law in the relevant jurisdiction. • Proven experience as a legal counsel in a business environment. • Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate law and procedures. • Full comprehension of the influences of the external environment of a corporation. • High degree of professional ethics, integrity and gravitas. • Excellent judgement and ability to analyze situations and information. • Outstanding communication skills. Preferred Skills: • Strong leadership and management skills. • Ability to develop legal strategy and objectives. • Well-versed in how business operate with financial acumen. • High degree of professional ethics, integrity and gravitas. • Excellent negotiation and communications skills. • Ability to anticipate legal issues or risks and to see around the corner. • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. • Strong problem-solving skills with the ability to make effective decisions in a fast-paced environment.',