How much does a Head Of Data make in Bulgaria ?

129,300 лв

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The base salary for a Head Of Data in Bulgaria is 129,300 лв

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Responsibilities: • Lead the development, implementation, and maintenance of data-driven projects and processes. • Develop and implement data-driven strategies to improve business performance. • Oversee data collection, analysis, and reporting. • Ensure data accuracy and integrity. • Manage data storage and retrieval systems. • Develop and maintain data governance and quality standards. • Analyze data to identify trends and insights. • Collaborate with stakeholders to develop data-driven solutions. • Provide data-driven insights to inform decision-making. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science, or related field. • 5+ years of experience in data analysis or related field. • Proven experience in data-driven project management. • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. • Ability to interpret and analyze complex data. • Ability to work independently and collaboratively. • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Preferred Skills: • Knowledge of data privacy regulations and best practices. • Experience with data visualization and reporting tools. • Knowledge of data warehousing and business intelligence tools. • Knowledge of database design and management. • Knowledge of statistical analysis and modeling techniques. • Experience with data mining and machine learning techniques.