How much does a Head Of Data make in Beijing ?

625,300 ¥

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The base salary for a Head Of Data in Beijing is 625,300 ¥

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Annual salary Based on 49 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Design and develop productivity reports to Top management and related parties to gain insights into key drivers and any operational issues.
  • Conducting quantitative analysis to identify sales performance or root causes of KPI fluctuations and address logically solutions.
  • Develop and maintain solid databases of data to responsively support any data usage request.
  • Support other teams in any data analysis requirements including strategic planning, strategic project progress, sales campaign impact assessment, and any other tasks as required.
  • Leads management and preparation for Upsell & cross- sell , handle data update, mining, analysis and ensure leads transferal smoothly.
Requirements / skills:
  • Strong background in data and business analysis.
  • Understanding of database management systems, online analytical processing and frameworks.
  • Development and Database administration
  • Data Transformation and Integration
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Proven abilities to take initiative and be innovative
  • Analytical mind with a problem-solving aptitude
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills