How much does a Head Of Customer Success make in Rome ?

92,100 €

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The base salary for a Head Of Customer Success in Rome is 92,100 €

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Annual salary Based on 44 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Work directly with our customers to maximize the results that they achieve through our program.
  • Working with the customer success team to ensure all customers are properly taken care of and are fully engaged with our program and products.
  • Ensuring new customers receive the knowledge and education necessary to actively engage with the results of their client and caregiver surveys.
  • Defining business objectives for our customers and developing strategic directions for success.
  • Reviewing and assessing customers' progress and offering recommendations based on results.
  • Organizing and conducting training webinars related to quality management reports and online provider accounts.
  • Ensuring accuracy with monthly and annual award programs.
  • Helping identify issues with the customer experience and then creating long term solutions to address those issues.
Requirements / skills:
  • Basic understanding of information technology processes and documentation.
  • Outstanding customer service, project management and customer relations skills.
  • Basic understanding of web concepts and digital marketing.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, detail oriented, good planning and organizational skills.
  • Approachable, analytical, process-driven and resilient, as well as used to multi-tasking and working under pressure.