How much does a Hair Stylist make in France ?

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The base salary for a Hair Stylist in France is 21,700 €
Also known as: Hairdresser, Hairstylist, Hair designer, Haircutter, Hair stylist.

Responsibilities: • Provide hair care services including cutting, styling, coloring, washing, and blow drying. • Maintain cleanliness of salon and work stations. • Offer hair care products to clients and explain their benefits. • Stay updated with the latest hair trends and styling methods. • Consult with clients to understand their requirements and choices. • Handle bookings, manage appointments, and update client records. • Assist senior stylists with their duties when necessary. Requirements: • Valid license from a cosmetology school. • Knowledge of a wide range of haircuts, suitable for all hair types. • Proficiency with hot irons, curlers, and blow-dryers. • Excellent interpersonal skills to understand client requirements. • Strong physical stamina to stand for extended periods. • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. • Excellent time management skills to efficiently manage appointments. Preferred Skills: • Prior experience in a salon, spa, or similar role is beneficial. • Knowledge of professional hair care products and their application. • Exceptional customer service skills to ensure client satisfaction. • Creative mindset and a good eye for design. • Ability to advise clients on suitable hairstyles and haircuts. • Good sales skills to promote and sell hair care products. • Strong attention to detail to carry out precise styling and coloring.',