How much does a Grocery Stocker make in Paris ?

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The base salary for a Grocery Stocker in Paris is 30,200 €
Also known as: Shelf stocker, Store stocker, Retail stocker.

Responsibilities: •Stocking shelves and maintaining the overall appearance of the grocery store •Ensuring products are organized and displayed in an attractive manner •Assisting with inventory management and restocking supplies as needed •Providing exceptional customer service and assistance to shoppers •Following safety and sanitation guidelines while handling products Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Ability to lift and carry heavy items and work on your feet for extended periods •Strong attention to detail and organizational skills •Good communication and teamwork abilities •Willingness to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends Preferred skills: •Previous experience in a retail or stocking role •Knowledge of food safety and handling procedures •Familiarity with using hand trucks, pallet jacks, and other stocking equipment •Basic math skills for inventory tracking and product rotation •Customer service experience and a friendly, approachable demeanor',