How much does a General Manager make in Austria ?

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The base salary for a General Manager in Austria is 103,100 €
Also known as: Chief executive, Head of operations, Executive director, Managing director.

Responsibilities: •Overseeing daily operations and ensuring efficient workflow •Managing and leading a team of employees •Developing and implementing business strategies and plans •Monitoring and analyzing financial performance •Ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining high-quality service •Handling administrative tasks and maintaining records Requirements: •Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field •Proven leadership and management skills •Strong communication and interpersonal abilities •Ability to make critical decisions and solve problems effectively •Understanding of financial principles and budgeting •Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and other relevant software Preferred skills: •Experience in the industry or related field •Knowledge of marketing and sales strategies •Familiarity with performance evaluation processes •Ability to adapt to fast-paced and dynamic environments •Strong organizational and time management skills',