How much does a Game Designer make in Vienna ?

50,000 €

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The base salary for a Game Designer in Vienna is 50,000 €

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Related tasks:

  • Consider, plan and detail every element of a new game including the setting, rules, story flow, props, vehicles, character interface and modes of play
  • Put together a concept document and use this to convince the development team that the game is worth proceeding with
  • Conduct market research to understand what your target audience wants transform a rough idea into a detailed concept and then implement it
  • Write scripts and design storyboards
  • Work collaboratively with others, including game developers, artists and programmers, to produce a prototype - a small-scale playable version of the game make adjustments to the game design specifications to reflect developments as the project moves forward
  • Train quality assurance (QA) testers to play the game so they can test it properly
Requirements / skills:
  • Possess a great understanding of game levels, level layouts, drawing maps, architecture, and other design areas related to game level design
  • An ability to break things down into systems
  • Ability to use data to get qualitative information to affect your designs
  • Have a good understanding of technical implementation within games, scripting languages, syntax, and other basic programming concepts
  • An understanding of marketing and market research to understand what your target audience wants and how to sell it to them
  • Basic to advanced drawing skills to communicate ideas visually
  • Basic understanding of 3D art, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, and other areas of 3D art creation, use, and conversion
  • Basic to advanced knowledge of user interface (UI/UX) in games