How much does a Gis Specialist make in Budapest ?

6,973,600 Ft

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The base salary for a Gis Specialist in Budapest is 6,973,600 Ft

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Related tasks:

  • Provide independent data interpretation while effectively maintaining data documentation
  • Create and modify GIS datasets, manage and maintain legacy GIS datasets develop and implement GIS-based analyses supporting civil engineering, electrical engineering, and survey projects
  • Produce technically skilled and detailed solutions to include preparing clear, complete, and accurate representations of spatial data using hardcopy and/or electronic media
  • Core responsibility includes processing data and graphics requests from project team members and anticipating information needs and presentation format as part of engineering and survey workflows
  • You will work on energy projects, such as transmission, solar and wind, and land projects, such as residential and commercial development, to compile available information for project proposals
  • Develop and maintain geospatial data on desktop and mobile applications.
  • Ensure data meets appropriate data accuracy and content standards for quality assurance and quality control.
Requirements / skills:
  • Analysis of program and production problems
  • Strong understanding of geodatabases and geodatabase applications
  • Ability to work with vector and raster datasets
  • Ability to use and edit shapefiles and geodatabases (personal, file, and enterprise)
  • Experience working with different coordinate systems, map projections, and datum’s
  • Familiarity with standard cartographic methods, theories and principles Ability to independently manage multiple assignments, determine and set job task priorities, and work with limited direct supervision
  • Excellent communication skills.