How much does a Forklift Driver make in Lille ?

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The base salary for a Forklift Driver in Lille is 36,900 €
Also known as: Forklift driver, Forklift handler.

Responsibilities: •Operate a forklift to move, load, and unload materials and products •Maintain a safe and organized work environment •Inspect and maintain the forklift to ensure proper functioning •Follow all safety guidelines and procedures •Assist with other warehouse duties as needed Requirements: •High school diploma or equivalent •Valid forklift operator certification or willingness to obtain one •Physical ability to lift and move heavy objects •Attention to detail and safety-conscious mindset •Good communication and teamwork skills Preferred skills: •Prior experience operating a forklift in a warehouse or industrial setting •Familiarity with warehouse operations and safety regulations •Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing priorities •Basic math skills for inventory management and load calculations',