How much does a Financial Controller make in Oviedo ?

34,900 €

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The base salary for a Financial Controller in Oviedo is 34,900 €

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Related tasks:

  • repare a monthly company's financial reports, which include balance sheets and income statement.
  • Work with Finance head in managing accounting records, evaluating, and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Monitor expenditure of each department as company overall while ensuring it is aligned to the forecasted revenue.
  • Coordinate auditing processes as needed to drive income generation.
  • Work with an international team in Finance department to cater assistance on different balancing solutions and revenue driven reports.
Requirements / skills:
  • Solid understanding of financial accounting standards.
  • Previous experience in a Controlling / Finance Business Partner and Financial
  • Accounting roles in international, complex and fast-moving business environment.
  • Sound business acumen and appetite to work closely with Operations.
  • Ability to communicate efficiently at all levels of the organization