How much does a Financial Analyst make in Zagreb ?

691,700 Kn

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The base salary for a Financial Analyst in Zagreb is 691,700 Kn

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Annual salary Based on 63 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Gathering and Understanding the business requirements
  • Gathering, cleaning and conducting exploratory analyses on input data
  • Accurately Coding the right logic, training and testing the models•Communicate the result of analysis/outputs
  • Creating expository presentations of the model outputs
  • Model maintenance & refreshes & validations
  • Model Documentation
  • Ad-hoc Analytical Analyses as per Business requirement
  • Keen focus on automation of repetitive work
  • Regular communication with Various stakeholders on the projects
Requirements / skills:
  • Basic understanding of web development
  • Understanding of Linux and command line
  • Having experience in querying big data platforms
  • Have prior experience in working on R Programming, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Statistical Analysis
  • Advanced Knowledge of MS-Excel and SQL
  • Candidates should have ability to proactively propose, initiate, take ownership and execute the project to create business impact
  • Strong Analytical thought process and ability to synthesize and interpret findings
  • Good knowledge of latest analytical practices in the industry
  • Follow the audit process, documentation and accuracy guidelines