Finance Manager salary in Prague

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How much does a Finance Manager make in Prague?

The base salary for a Finance Manager in Prague is 2,639,000 Kč

2,639,000 Kč

Annual salary. Based on 31 observations

Related tasks:

  • Deliver sales, finance penetration and cross sell targets for the region
  • Conceptualize and develop marketing initiatives and business development activities to enhance productivity and business volumes
  • Ensure a high degree of engagement of sales, fulfilment, credit and ops teams in order that focus is always on over delivery of targets
Requirements / skills:
  • Demonstrated analytical skills
  • Experience building complex models using various statistical tools for optimization and then communicating plans or risks accordingly
  • Eexperience in analysis (Customer Service analysis or Operations analysis) required
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel
  • Demonstrated ability to meet tight deadlines and prioritize workloads
  • Proven ability to develop new ideas and creative solutions