How much does a Engineering Director make in Morlaix ?

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The base salary for a Engineering Director in Morlaix is 68,700 €
Also known as: Director of Engineering, Technical Director, Director of Technical Operations, Director of Engineering Services.

Responsibilities: - Manage and direct engineering teams to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget - Develop and implement engineering strategies and processes to improve efficiency and productivity - Collaborate with other departments to ensure that engineering projects meet business objectives - Monitor engineering team performance and provide feedback to ensure that quality standards are met - Ensure that engineering teams are adequately trained and equipped with the necessary tools and resources to complete their tasks - Oversee the development of new products and technologies - Analyze engineering data and make decisions based on findings Requirements: - Bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field - 5+ years of experience in engineering management - Demonstrated ability to develop and implement engineering strategies - Excellent communication and organizational skills - Knowledge of engineering processes and best practices - Ability to analyze data and make informed decisions Preferred Skills: - Experience with project management software - Knowledge of engineering industry trends - Ability to work in a fast-paced environment - Strong problem-solving skills - Ability to lead and motivate teams