How much does a Education Consultant make in Finland ?

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The base salary for a Education Consultant in Finland is 39,700 €

Responsibilities: • Collaborate with clients, including schools and educational institutions, to understand their learning needs and objectives. • Design and develop educational programs and curriculums that meet the clients' needs and comply with the relevant educational standards. • Provide guidance and advice on the best educational practices and strategies. • Conduct research on the latest educational trends and developments. • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs and make necessary improvements. • Facilitate training sessions and workshops for educators and other professionals. • Prepare and present detailed reports on the progress of the educational programs. Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology, or a related field. • Proven experience in the education sector, preferably in a consulting role. • Strong understanding of curriculum development and learning theories. • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines. • Willingness to travel to client locations as needed. Preferred Skills: • Master’s degree in Education or a related field. • Experience with educational technology and e-learning platforms. • Knowledge of various teaching methods and learning styles. • Project management skills. • Excellent presentation skills. • Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people. • Proficiency in a second language