How much does a Director Of Data make in Brisbane ?

153,100 $

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The base salary for a Director Of Data in Brisbane is 153,100 $

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Related tasks:

  • Lead the consumer data strategy and management, to set up the roll-out of programmatic and CRM workstreams and align a roadmap for progressive ownership of consumer data.
  • Serve as internal "go-to-person" for the selection and implementation of tools and visualization to produce dynamic and automated solutions.
  • Set-up and management of a performance dashboard for the european market, icluding the definition, tracking and controlling of relevant data-driven KPIs and the inclusion of a digital performance strategy.
  • Provide insights to internal business leaders for an improvement of the marketing spendig efficiency through the digital customer journey (e.g. via analysis of data obtained from web analytics and ther sources, A/B testing on programmatic, enhancement of lifecycle management or challenging allocation decisions).
  • Definition of data strategies in collaboration with internal stakeholders, based on all available data sources (anonymous, enriched and identified consumer data).
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience in a management role.
  • Experience in a Data Science role.
  • Experience with data mining and manipulation software.
  • Experience with Power BI, Python, R, and/or Tableau SQL Server.
  • Database Querying Technology AWS or Azure experience.