How much does a Director Of Customer Experience make in Warsaw ?

254,600 zł

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The base salary for a Director Of Customer Experience in Warsaw is 254,600 zł

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Responsibilities: • Develop and implement strategies to ensure a positive customer experience • Monitor customer feedback and use it to improve customer experience • Create and manage customer experience programs • Develop customer-centric policies and processes • Analyze customer data to identify trends and areas of improvement • Manage customer service teams • Ensure customer service staff are trained and up to date on best practices • Monitor customer service metrics and KPIs • Coordinate with other departments to ensure customer satisfaction Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or related field • 5+ years of customer service experience • Strong understanding of customer service best practices • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Ability to analyze customer data and identify areas of improvement • Experience with customer service software Preferred Skills: • Previous experience in a customer-facing role • Ability to develop customer-centric policies and processes • Knowledge of customer segmentation and loyalty programs • Ability to lead and motivate customer service teams • Excellent problem-solving skills • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks simultaneously