How much does a Director Of Customer Experience make in South Melbourne ?

221,600 $

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The base salary for a Director Of Customer Experience in South Melbourne is 221,600 $

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Related tasks:

  • Own the regional End-to-End customer perspective (cross functional).
  • Specify regional End-to-End needs and feed them into the global development process.
  • Develop activities together with the Marketing Communications team to secure a healthy funnel/pipeline to fuel our volume growth.
  • Work cross-functionally in the regional organisation to deliver a seamless and low friction End-to-End experience.
  • Lead digital media planning and optimisation in consultation with the communications team.
  • Orchestrate digital media investments, collaborating with global functions.
  • Initiate and own partnerships in the markets with leading and innovative End-To-End approaches and customer experiences.
  • Set high standards and develop the best working practices and techniques, as well as support the culture and mindset – this will be key to leading this new team to its full potential.
Requirements / skills:
  • Have excellent communication and project management skills; you focus on critical and value adding tasks.
  • Interpersonal, networking and influencing skills
  • Strategic thinking and foresight
  • Working backwards to lead the end-user experience
  • Ability to understand business objectives