How much does a Developer make in Croatia ?

294,900 Kn

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The base salary for a Developer in Croatia is 294,900 Kn

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Annual salary Based on 46 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Use concise statements that provide a clear understanding of the level of responsibility, complexity, creativity and analysis performed in this position.)
  • Provide first level of support (look into the cause of failure and follow a pre-define set of steps).
  • Provide daily reports on the execution.Raise change requests and perform production deployments.
  • Prepare and update knowledge base, procedural and system documentation
Requirements / skills:
  • Excellent database design and implementation skills.
  • Define best practices, delivery methodology and implement quality assurance during the projects build phase.
  • Software development project management from transforming requirements into technical specifications, design, code and tested systems.
  • Experience with caching and scaling techniques is a huge plus.