Devops Engineer salary

In Toronto.

How much does a Devops Engineer make in Toronto?

The base salary for a Devops Engineer in Toronto is 121,300 $

121,300 $

Annual salary. Based on 62 observations

Related tasks:

  • Design and develop system test cases which validate CI/CD (focus on CD) cloud-based account/VPC requirements; test established guardrails and security requirements.
  • Contribute to test automation framework including core libraries development.
  • Testing focus more in infrastructure and infrastructure patterns or stacks than application.
  • Participate in product spec/design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs…
Requirements / skills:
  • Excellent troubleshooting
  • Working knowledge of various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services
  • Awareness of critical concepts in DevOps and Agile principles
  • Experience working together with teams from several departments to facilitate the orderly execution of a proposed project plan
  • Professional experience and a high-level understanding of working with various operating systems and their implications

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