How much does a Delivery Manager make in Austria ?

61,400 €

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The base salary for a Delivery Manager in Austria is 61,400 €

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Annual salary Based on 49 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Lead a consultancy unit.
  • Responsible for people & delivery management.
  • Report directly to Business Unit Manager.
  • Deal with the recruitment, training, and performance management of your team.
  • Engaged in boosting and maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Engaged in boosting and maintaining relationships with customers.
  • Reply to customer requests in collaboration with sales and business development teams.
  • Accountable for the division’s financial performance and achieving company-wide goals.
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience with agile development as either product owner, engineering manager, team manager, project manager or scrum master.
  • Project management, Organizational skills, Leadership skills.
  • Negotiation skills, Sales skills, Problem solving, Proactivity.
  • Team player, Communication skills.
  • Analytical skills, MS Office.