How much does a Data Quality Specialist make in Cyprus ?

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The base salary for a Data Quality Specialist in Cyprus is 31,200 €
Also known as: Data Integrity Specialist, Data Accuracy Specialist, Data Validation Specialist.

Responsibilities: • Ensure data accuracy and quality across all systems • Analyze data to identify any potential discrepancies or missing information • Develop and implement data quality standards and processes • Monitor and report on data quality metrics • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify and resolve data quality issues • Design and execute data quality tests • Create and maintain documentation of data quality processes Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in a related field • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills • Knowledge of data quality processes and best practices • Ability to work independently and as part of a team • Excellent communication skills Preferred Skills: • Experience with data quality tools and techniques • Knowledge of database management systems • Familiarity with data governance principles • Understanding of data warehousing and ETL processes • Experience with data visualization tools