Data Processing Manager salary in Kraków

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How much does a Data Processing Manager make in Kraków?

The base salary for a Data Processing Manager in Kraków is 403,600 zł

403,600 zł

Annual salary. Based on 37 observations

Related tasks:

  • Extract data from multiple sources
  • Clean and validate data, and consolidate it into a reliable, processed form
  • Develop timely customized dashboards and reports that serve varying needs of multiple end-users
  • Run ad-hoc analysis on the data and sieve out insights and trends that can assist in tracking the effectiveness of policy efforts
  • Participate in initiatives to improve data management and dissemination
  • Interface with other cells within the unit as well as external entities
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience of managing a substantial project of significant value, preferably within a complex programme across multidisciplinary areas
  • Experience of end to end delivery of a complex and responsive operation to predefined deadlines
  • Experience of building networks and partnerships, and of developing strong relationships with a range of stakeholders
  • Management of 3rd party suppliers to deliver in partnership with internal teams
  • Experience of shaping and initiation of work streams
  • Track record of both Agile and waterfall deliveries