How much does a Customer Support Team Leader make in Ottawa ?

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The base salary for a Customer Support Team Leader in Ottawa is 105,900 $
Also known as: Customer Service Team Lead, Client Support Team Head, Customer Assistance Team Leader, Client Service Team Supervisor, Customer Help Team Leader.

Responsibilities: • Supervise and direct the activities of the customer support team. • Ensure the team meets its goals and objectives through effective planning and execution. • Handle escalated customer complaints or issues. • Train new team members and coach existing team members to improve performance. • Develop strategies to improve customer service quality and efficiency. • Monitor team performance and report on metrics. • Collaborate with management and other leaders to align customer service department policies and systems with the company's objectives. • Foster a positive and customer-focused work environment. Requirements: • Proven experience in a customer service or similar role. • Excellent understanding of management methods and techniques. • Proficiency in English. • Strong client-facing and communication skills. • Advanced troubleshooting and multi-tasking skills. • Ability to work under pressure and manage complaints or issues. • High school diploma; degree in business administration or relevant field is a plus. Preferred Skills: • Strong leadership and team management abilities. • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. • Ability to handle difficult customers and resolve conflicts. • Ability to motivate, coach, and mentor team members. • Strong organizational and multitasking abilities. • Proficient in relevant computer applications and systems. • Ability to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays, if necessary. • Strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in customer service. • Ability to adapt to changing customer needs and expectations.,