How much does a Customer Onboarding Specialist make in Paris ?

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The base salary for a Customer Onboarding Specialist in Paris is 36,300 €
Also known as: Client Integration Specialist, Customer Integration Specialist, Client Onboarding Specialist, Customer Transition Specialist.

Responsibilities: • Provide customer onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition into the company’s services • Gather customer requirements and provide them with the necessary information to best utilize the company’s services • Troubleshoot customer inquiries and provide solutions in a timely manner • Maintain customer records and provide customer support • Monitor customer feedback and provide feedback to management Requirements: • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Management, or a related field • Excellent communication skills • Ability to multi-task and work independently • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices • Ability to learn new technologies quickly Preferred Skills: • Experience in customer onboarding • Experience with customer service software • Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) software • Knowledge of customer service best practices