How much does a Credit Manager make in Vienna ?

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The base salary for a Credit Manager in Vienna is 65,600 €
Also known as: Credit Controller, Credit Administrator, Credit Officer, Credit Director, Credit Coordinator.

Responsibilities: • Evaluate creditworthiness of potential customers, create credit scoring models, and set up terms of credit. • Review and assess the credit history of clients through direct applications, credit bureaus, or other financial institutions. • Negotiate payment plans with customers and set up loan terms and conditions. • Maintain records of lending transactions and credit applications. • Follow up with clients to manage debt settlements and loan renewals. • Ensure all lending procedures comply with regulations and standards. • Develop, review, and update the company's credit policy. • Collaborate with the sales department to develop customer relationship management. Requirements: • Bachelor's degree in Finance, Economics, or a related field. • Proven experience as a Credit Manager, Loan Manager, or similar role in financial services. • Knowledge of credit-related laws. • Proficiency in MS Office, particularly in Excel for creating and updating spreadsheets. • Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret complex financial data. • Excellent communication and negotiation skills. • High level of accuracy and attention to detail. Preferred Skills: • Familiarity with CRM systems. • Ability to work independently and maintain professionalism under pressure. • Excellent organizational and leadership skills. • Ability to make sound decisions while adhering to company policies. • Strong ethical standards and high levels of integrity. • Ability to manage multiple priorities and meet or beat deadlines with no errors. • Certified Credit Professional (CCP) certification would be a plus.,