How much does a Company Driver make in Montpellier ?

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The base salary for a Company Driver in Montpellier is 31,700 €
Also known as: Employee driver, Organization driver.

Responsibilities: •Safely and efficiently transport goods and products to designated locations •Adhere to all traffic laws and regulations •Maintain the cleanliness and general upkeep of the company vehicle •Communicate effectively with dispatchers and other team members •Keep accurate records of deliveries and vehicle maintenance Requirements: •Valid driver's license with a clean driving record •High school diploma or equivalent •Ability to lift and carry heavy loads •Basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance and safety procedures •Strong attention to detail and time management skills Preferred skills: •Experience in commercial driving or delivery •Familiarity with local and regional roadways and traffic patterns •Excellent communication and customer service skills •Ability to work independently and as part of a team •Flexibility to work varied shifts and schedules,