How much does a Company Driver make in Brussels ?

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The base salary for a Company Driver in Brussels is 45,400 €
Also known as: Corporate Driver, Business Driver.

Responsibilities: • Safely transporting company staff as well as various products and materials to and from specified locations in a timely manner. • Assisting with the loading and unloading of staff luggage, products, and materials. • Adjusting travel routes to avoid traffic congestion or road construction. • Promptly informing the company of any tickets issued against the company vehicle during work hours. • Ensuring that the company vehicle is always fueled and maintained properly. • Documenting and logging work/rest periods and kilometers spent driving and retain fuel/toll receipts. • Reporting any accidents, injuries, and vehicle damage to management. Requirements: • Valid driver's license. • Clean driving record. • Sound knowledge of road safety regulations. • Working knowledge of local roads and routes. • Effective communication skills. • Punctual and reliable. Preferred Skills: • Experience in a professional driving role. • Excellent organizational and time management skills. • Exceptional interpersonal skills. • Good physical condition. • Ability to remain calm in stressful driving situations (e.g., at rush hour). • High level of professionalism while performing job duties.,