How much does a Communication Specialist make in Vienna ?

30,400 €

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The base salary for a Communication Specialist in Vienna is 30,400 €

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Related tasks:

  • Complaint Management Research and identify new media platforms to be utilised for members and other stakeholders
  • Develop and maintain a Social Media strategy for the Scheme
  • Establish Scheme processes and structures to develop content for, receive and respond timeously to member and stakeholder enquiries raised on Social media platforms
  • Attend to member queries related to enrolment and membership, tax certificates, benefit confirmations and engaging with prospective members on new media channels (Not exhaustive list)
  • Identify, respond and forward member and stakeholder complaints as per existing processes
  • Manage the response rate and turnaround times and effective response to member queries, complaints, compliments and comments on Social Media platforms
  • Develop content, design and package material for distribution on Social Media platforms
  • Ensure that all member communications on Social Media platforms are aligned to the Schemes strategic plan, objectives and policies
  • Manage the application of the company Corporate Identity (CI) manual and Style guide on all Social Media platforms
  • Ensure that all communication material is accurate, factual and appropriately communicated.
Requirements / skills:
  • Internal communication experience
  • Management experience
  • Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines.
  • Highly computer literate with capability in email, MS Office, and related business and communication tools.
  • Content writing experience for all media platforms.