How much does a Class A Cdl Truck Driver make in Strasbourg ?

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The base salary for a Class A Cdl Truck Driver in Strasbourg is 35,400 €
Also known as: Dangerous Goods Driver, Cargo Vehicle Driver, Refuse Vehicle Driver.

Responsibilities: • Safely operate a heavy or tractor-trailer truck. • Load and unload cargo. • Properly track and document activity log. • Report any issues or incidents to dispatch. • Inspect truck before and after the trip. • Comply with truck driving rules and regulations as well as with company policies and procedures. • Manage routes and routines so they proceed in the most efficient way possible. • Conduct daily inspections of the vehicle at the end of the shift and report any problems or damage to management. Requirements: • Valid Class A Commercial Driver License (CDL). • Previous experience in truck driving or other related fields is a plus. • Ability to handle physical workload. • Strong work ethic. • Must pass drug and alcohol test. • Clean driving record. • Must meet Department of Transportation (DOT) physical and medical requirements and pass a physical agility test. • Ability to drive long hours and travel regularly. Preferred Skills: • Excellent vision and coordination, crucial for operating large vehicles. • Knowledge of truck safety and road safety rules and regulations. • Ability to work independently and manage time effectively. • Good communication skills, necessary for communicating with dispatchers, other drivers, and customers. • Strong problem-solving skills to handle the unexpected, such as traffic, weather conditions, or mechanical issues. • Basic math skills for logging hours and mileage, among other things. • Physical health and stamina, as the job requires sitting for long periods and loading or unloading cargo. • Mechanical skills or the willingness to learn in order to perform basic maintenance on the vehicle.',