Channel Sales salary in Málaga

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How much does a Channel Sales make in Málaga?

The base salary for a Channel Sales in Málaga is 35,300 €

35,300 €

Annual salary. Based on 37 observations

Related tasks:

  • Achieving monthly sales/ revenue target
  • Developing new and taking care of existing channel partners
  • Generating regular productivity reports and maintaining MIS
  • Preparing budgets and achieving budgeted sales targets
  • Exploring new opportunities while continuing to add new Channelpartner
  • Training and leading channel sales force and sales representatives
  • Providing market information (competition, potential and market data) to higher management
  • Defines the revenue/salestargets for the set of partners being handled
  • Maintain MIS forchannelmarket
  • Focus on horizontal and vertical growth (recruiting new dealers, opening new marketing & developing existing)
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience managing technology partnerships (i.e. product integrations with third-parties).
  • Experience in technology and emerging / early stage products.
  • Demonstrated deep knowledge of Google Ads products.
  • Strong technical understanding of how platforms can leverage integrations at scale, incl API integrations and product design.
  • Combination of strong business acumen with stand-out analytical skills.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills.