How much does a Chief Revenue Officer make in Nicosia ?

77,200 €

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The base salary for a Chief Revenue Officer in Nicosia is 77,200 €

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Annual salary Based on 35 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Work closely with the Executive team and Board of Directors to develop growth strategies for pioneering new markets and competitive opportunities.
  • Build a robust and accurate revenue pipeline and forecasting plan.
  • Build a data-driven and cohesive short, medium, and long-term revenue strategy that encompasses marketing, sales, account management, and finance teams.
  • Maintain a ‘lean start up’ mentality of constant experimentation and learning.
  • Own responsibility for the sustainable growth of the business by meeting revenue targets and increasing revenue year over year.
  • Oversee all Channel/Partner Development.
Requirements / skills:
  • Experience in revenue ownership with a successful track record of demonstrable business expansion and growth.
  • Experience in successfully navigating the different lifecycle stages of a developing software company.
  • Diversified leadership roles with demonstrated ability to lead growth and change, and support others in that growth.
  • Understanding of how to establish and maintain excellent relationships with all stakeholders, including executives, key target clients, channel partners, and all fellow Company team members.
  • Able to demonstrate a high degree of passion and energy whilst maintaining a positive outlook.