How much does a Babysitter make in Finland ?

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The base salary for a Babysitter in Finland is 23,800 €
Also known as: Child Care Provider, Childminder, Au Pair, Daycare Worker, Preschool Teacher.

Responsibilities: • Ensure the safety of children under your care during scheduled hours. • Prepare meals and snacks for the children, considering any dietary restrictions or allergies. • Assist with homework or other educational activities. • Engage in age-appropriate play and activities with the children. • Maintain a clean and tidy environment in the home. • Adhere to the children's bedtime routine. • Communicate with parents about daily activities, behaviors, and related issues. • Administer first aid in case of minor injuries. Requirements: • High School Diploma or equivalent. • Previous experience in babysitting or child care, even if it's informal, such as caring for siblings or volunteer work. • Knowledge of first aid and CPR or willingness to get certified. • Ability to pass a background check. • Understanding of child development and age-appropriate activities. • Ability to handle emergencies calmly and efficiently. • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. • Physical ability to engage in play and activities with children. Preferred Skills: • Patience and ability to manage children of various ages. • Creativity to invent games and activities. • Responsible and reliable with a high level of maturity. • Ability to multitask and manage time effectively. • Excellent problem-solving skills. • Ability to follow parents' instructions and adhere to family rules. • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to build a rapport with children. • Basic cooking skills and knowledge of preparing meals for children.,