How much does a Assembly Operator make in Tampere ?

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The base salary for a Assembly Operator in Tampere is 21,500 €
Also known as: Production Assembler.

Responsibilities: • Assemble parts and components according to established procedures and standards. • Perform quality control checks on assembled products to ensure accuracy and compliance with specifications. • Maintain a clean and safe work area. • Troubleshoot and identify problems with assembly processes. • Report any issues to the appropriate personnel. Requirements: • High school diploma or equivalent. • Ability to read and understand assembly instructions. • Ability to use basic hand tools and machinery. • Good manual dexterity and attention to detail. • Ability to work in a team environment. Preferred Skills: • Previous experience in assembly or manufacturing. • Ability to work independently and efficiently. • Strong problem-solving skills. • Ability to lift and carry heavy objects. • Knowledge of safety procedures and protocols.